Life's Work

i can't stand the wait
no one here wants to be
let's all go home
let's go
i'll be here all day
all day long stuck in this place
it's not worth my time
my time
i live to work
i work to stay alive
but i'm not
i'm dead
this work is not my life
i guess it doesn't help
to sit and bitch about it all day
but i'm losing life
my life
i'll quit soon i swear
money isn't real
it's not real
not real


i don't have much to say
most of you wouldn't care anyway
there's no way to tell someone how to feel
what is it that makes you love
what is it that makes you one of us
we are so much alike but you might be blind
what does it really take
what can any of us say
to change any of your minds
to make any of you see it right
what is it that makes you you
what is it that makes you like to do
you are just the same as me but you can't see
i don't want to be like you
i can see me in you
what is it that makes you care at all
what is it that makes you wonderful
we are so much alike please don't be blind



here we go we're on our own
the time has come no more denial
we we have so much to loose
there's so much to do
something new has started it's true
all this talk and textin won't stop
it's like a mind all of its own
think of all it knows
you you win i wont give up
i won't give in just yet not now
not when everything is finally getting figured out
how could i
this thing grows more and it will soon come alive
and i will be right here just part of all of this
and we all know what this is
and we all partake
it has something we have always wanted
if just to belong



we can't find a single dime
but we'll try our luck
places come and places go
we started life to young
i still try to find my life
memories are all we have
but times have changed for good
we'll still go back just in our head
that's where they stay the same
i still try to find my life
everyone and everything
all made up of the same thing
we want more and we'll look for
things that might not be
i still try to find my life



you control it all because you own it
you are only one percent but you decide it
everything everything
we are all the same at least we're supposed to be
so much for democracy wealth is all you need
enough is enough enough is enough
you stay locked inside that lonely dream
someday you will get all that you want
you remain inside that constant thought
one day i'll be where i want to be
you stay locked inside that lonely dream
someday i'll get everything i need
you remain wrapped up just like they want
while they take everything you've ever seen
you stay locked inside that lonely dream
someday you'll get everything you want
you remain inside that constant thought
one day i'll be where i want to be
one day i'll be where i belong


Art in the Street

blaring noise that sounds like pigeons
on a microphone
with the newest of technology
we can mimic mother nature
where the soul is shallow but the body is deep
the god commodity
running out of paper
the art in the street
lost faith in a strip mall church
next to a salon
fighting a cause you don't believe in
just for the fight
here we carry our rights around
only to be taken away
painted over crossed out
to become something new
no one expects you to be anything
no one expects you to explain


In Good Time

i know what i need to say
and it won't go away
it's not something i would choose to do
no one has a clue
i have all those things to learn
there's nothing left to burn
it's not something you rely upon
you won't know when you've won
i want more
no one can breathe except me
except you and me
they'll all find out in good
in good time
there's no way out
in good time


Icon Land

put up the shades
see only what you want to
it's your land
but does it really belong to you
you'll only see what you see
you only hear what you thought you heard
it's really only what you want
like some kind of dream world
what's that ahead
will it help or harm us
what is left
i think it's just one more lifetime
we just need something to help us
help us get past all of this stuff
you think you know what that is
what if it doesn't exist
iconic land where it all began
i had it all here now i don't understand
look at that
colors jump out at me now
it's all mine
no one else could ever see this
is this escape from the real world
if so do i really want back in
maybe this is more real
i wish i could stay here



one by one these people all go away eventually
what they leave behind is always something worth seeing
just a thought just a painting
maybe a song always a memory
i'm taking the day off today to find out something new
maybe when i'm out i'll know exactly what to do
sunset glow casting shadows
no ideas but still what a show
ça va bien ça va bien
comment ça va
au revoir au revoir
just one more cup of coffee and then i'll be on my way
it's not my normal thing but it just feels like that today
one more chance to begin again
this time will be different this time we all win
this feels like an ending to a perfect kind of life
the screen goes black the credits start and everything is fine
but the thought keeps on in your mind
pulling on you til' you feel like you could cry
ça va bien ça va bien
comment ça va
au revoir au revoir