Happy release day! Selections is now available here!
It's also on Apple Music, Spotify, and all of those..

This is a music video for the song Into The Blue off the new record. I hope you like it :)


Hey Everybody!
Iím very happy to announce the first release on Somewhat Records!

Itís a collection of songs from the Options series, remixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studios, then mastered at Telegraph Mastering by Adam Gonsalves and pressed to randomly-colored vinyl at Cascade Record Pressing, all here in Portland.

Itís called Selections, and I really hope you like it. Because of the random color process, every record is unique. It features artwork by Jeff Hamilton, and comes with a download card for your digital-listening needs.
Pre-orders start right now via Bandcamp. The official release date is May 5, 2017.

Please buy lots of copies. Tell your friends. ; )

Iíve put a band together and weíre working on live versions of the songs. Release show announcement coming soon!


Here's the first of the Soundcloud stuff. Two quickly recorded improvised guitar loops and an acoustic version of Thin Air. I hope you enjoy them. More will be added soon!


Sorry it’s been so long since my last update! I’ve been working on a lot of different things...
I’ve made a Soundcloud page, where I’ll be posting random little jams, loops, and acoustic recordings.
I’ve started the long process of turning the best tracks from the Options series into an album on vinyl.
I’ll be posting updates about that soon. It’s become more difficult to keep up with photos on this site, so for now just go to my Instagram to see newer photos.
Happy 909 day!


Finally, here's Options: Vol. 4…


Here's Options: Vol. 3. Enjoy.…


Options: Vol. 2 is finally ready for your listening…


So here's the new… thing!
This is the first volume in a series of four. The idea is to eventually take some selected tracks from all four digitally released volumes and remix/remaster them for a 12" vinyl. Have a listen!


Apologies for the lack of updates! I've been knee/waist/neck deep in new songs, some of which are very wtf. I'm hoping to have something for you to listen to soon. : )
Happy new year!


It's been much too long since my last post. I've been doing a lot of equipment buying/trading and jamming around. I posted some new random pictures. I've got an Ello page now. And I've got these super awesome stickers for sale. (Art by Jeff Hamilton) More to come soon!


Here it is! The full Aftermass Soundtrack! Name your price!
32 tracks, averaging about a minute apiece.
Plus another 6 bonus tracks when you download.
I hope you like it. : )


Yay! The film I've been working on for over a year is finally available on DVD! I composed, preformed, and recorded the score and mastered all of the audio. It's been a big learning experience for me and I'm excited it's ready for your viewing/listening pleasure. Get it here!


Hey! So, I helped my friend Elly Blue do this super cool audiozine. Here's her blog post about it. Check it out! :)


The Light & The Dark EP is finally available for Digital download!



Well here it is! I finally launched a Kickstarter! Check it out. This is your chance to finally get some of my music on vinyl. :D I'm pretty excited about it so please please back it!


I finally put up some more photos! I've been stockpiling them for about a year, so there's a bunch. They're pretty fun. Check um out!


So I've remastered some of my old experiments from back in the 2005-2008 days and put them together as an album. I'm calling it "The Old." You can download it on my bandcamp page here. As with the other stuff, it's name-your-own-price. Feel free to put $0 if you want, that's totally okay! Some of you might already have these songs. Some of them are still a little rough, but these new versions should sound at least a bit better then before. It was kinda fun to go back and listen to some of this stuff. I hope you enjoy!


Hey Hey! Aftermass was in another festival! And we've finally scheduled our Portland premier! May 23, 2014 at the Clinton Street Theatre, 7pm. Yay! I can't wait! Also, I've got something old/new brewing. Here's a hint. ;)


We won!


Hey everybody! I helped a good friend of mine with an audiozine project. It's pretty awesome, so you should check it out and fund it to get a copy. :)


Aftermass is premiering in about a week in Eugene! Check it out: http://www.eugenefilmfest.org/schedule
See you there?


I now have a Bandcamp page! jeffhayes.bandcamp.com
Everything is name your own price. If you want it for free just put in "0" when it asks.
I hope you enjoy. :) Tell your friends.
More exciting announcements coming soon?


If you're reading this you've probably noticed that this site has moved!
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I no longer have the domain name jeffhayesmusic.com.
I do intend to get it back one day, but for now, it'll be jeffhayesaudio.com.
Thanks for following me around the internet!


Hello everyone!! So much news! With the help of some friends, I've made a small studio, and I've been buried in it for the past year or so working on music for a documentary film called Aftermass. It's a story about Critical Mass in Portland, OR, some of the trouble that it stirred up, and bicycling and bike-culture in general. And so much more. ;) It's been ridiculously fun to work on. And much more time-consuming then I originally thought. We have started the process of festival submission! You can help support us by buying a shirt or poster. :) Now that this project is near completion (Will it ever be complete? Has it really been over a year!?) I'll try to get back to some of the stuff I was working on before I fell through the wormhole. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to get some other stuff going. I've made a few changes around the site and cleared out some of the old stuff. I'll try to keep everything up to date from now on. ;) Thanks so much for all of your patience!


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